About us

Brooklyn Melodies Music Center is Dubai’s leading music educational establishment.

We are dedicated to our mission of providing students of all ages with the highest quality of individual and group courses in Music and Dance.

Our branches are conveniently located across key locations in Dubai, and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to serve over 5,000 students with our range of international programs.

At Brooklyn Melodies, we strive to give only the best in Music and Dance education!


Brooklyn Melodies views Art as an essential part of basic education and a means by which individuals connect with that unique part of themselves. We make access to performing arts available regardless of income, age, previous experience or professional aspirations. In particular, we seek to help those whose artistic voices are often least heard.

It’s what you can expect to experience when you join one of our music courses.


Our approach emphasizes individual instruction. With one-on-one classes and semi-private courses you can be sure you will receive the personal attention you need to help you reach your goals.
Our courses are individually designed for a wide range of students, according to their skill level, age and general interest to help improve their performance.


We place an emphasis on efficient fusion of European teaching tradition and modern techniques. All our teachers are fully qualified educators and high-skilled professionals, dedicated to share the best of their knowledge and experience. We offer our students an impressive range of performance opportunities, as we believe that performance is an essential aspect of our aims.


Having a multi-national team of educators promotes and enhances the multi-cultural relations by means of the universal language of arts. Our instructors go through a diligent process of selection, and are highly qualified professionals coming from 20 different countries. We are strong in performance-based research and celebrate innovation, collaboration and creativity in all we do. The sharing of our experience to develop young people, adults, and the wider community is a crucial aspect of our strategy in making arts an essential resource of spiritual heritage of our society.

Meet our team: