Brooklyn Melodies Music Center offer Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Vocal, theory lessons, and Dances to ALL AGES. For age below 3 years, they offer CHILDREN’S MUSIC CLASSES. The primary purpose of Music Classes is introducing children to music literacy. Students along with their chosen instrument also gradually cover all the basic fundamentals of reading, technique and performance.

This class introduces students to the study of dance.  The movements are designed to engage them in interactive, imaginative and fun ways to experience dance as a form of expression.
The children learn coordination skills and basic movement patterns,
as well as listening and observation skills for a positive and safe
learning experience.

This class introduces students to ballet vocabulary and dance aesthetics. This is the student’s first experience at the ballet barre where they learn basic positions and exercises.  Students begin to learn about alignment while increasing their sense of body awareness.  They learn movement patterns and sequences, improve coordination as they experience the joy of dancing.

This class draws from a variety of modern dance styles, while developing full body integration through organic motion.  Students warm up with a combination of floor exercises, body isolations and technical phrases.  Utilizing material from the warm-up, longer combinations are crafted to stress spatial relationships, floor patterns and weighted and released movements. Students are encouraged to develop their own creativity through improvisational studies.

This class is an essential for all dancers. Terminology, proper body alignment and turnout are further developed.
An emphasis on building strength and flexibility is stressed. There is a focus on improving performance skills through an enhanced understanding of dance phrasing, musicality and expressiveness. Continuous study will progress the student through beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

– Ages 3 to 4 years: Creative Movers
– Age 5 years: Ballet Preparation
– Ages 6 to 9 years: Beginning Ballet (I, II, & III)
– Ages 10 to 13/14 years: Intermediate Ballet (I, II, & III)
– Ages 14/15 to 18 years: Advanced Ballet
It is important to note that if a student drops put of the sequence.